going with the flow

Does not every woman feel sometimes like her body turns against her? But why do our bodies seem to be less forgiving than a man’s body?

The female body is built differently than the male body and has, biologically speaking, very different tasks. To make it simple, „absorbing and hanging on to material“ are two of the main programs that our body is great at performing. Both are wonderful skills in regard to a pregnancy, when we have to pass on enough nutrients as building blocks for the growth of our baby- but not quite so wonderful, when it comes to dealing with alimentary and enviromental toxins and discharging stuff we don’t want in our body. With generally a higher proportion of body fat, we are more likely to store more toxins in our tissues then men do. That’s why our body, especially our delicate hormone system reacts more sensitively to enviromental influences, an irregular diet or stress.

In an Aviva Workshop we not only learn the 18 exercises of the Basic sequence, but also speak about how our environment and our daily habits can influence irregular cycles, fibroids, decreased fertility, etc. Also, we will look at how to protect and support our body and its wonderful and complex functions.