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Online Beginners Workshop Aviva Method / English

Online course Aviva Methode

Finding your Rhythm is a four part online workshop that introduces you to the basics of the Aviva Method comfortably at home and in your own pace.
In four digestible parts you will be guided through all 18 exercises of the Aviva Basic Method while receiving a lot of fascinating background knowledge on female anatomy, hormones and female health.

The Aviva Methode has a positive impact on a wide bandwidth of topics:

  • Regular Cycle
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Fertility
  • Libido
  • Strong Pelvic Floor

In other words:
This method is for you, as long as you have a pelvis and an endocrine system and enjoy moving 🙂
Additionally, by treating yourself to „Finding Your Rhythm“ you can contribute to making this world a better one.

Looking out of the box
Treating ourselves to something good and taking care of our own suffering is a vital and important step towards healing. On the other hand getting beyond our bubble from time to time and seeing the bigger picture can be really helpfull, too. Knowing that every of our actions has an impact on the world and brings an opportunity to help others can be extremely empowering!
By purchasing Finding Your Rhythm 10% of the price you pay will to a charity project.
At the moment your help will go to Chaithanya Manila Mandali, a Project in India that supports forced prostitutes and their children.
Chaithanya Mahila Mandali

What about the Price?
We all have a different financial background and relationship with money. In my opinion, living in true generosity is one of the most important tasks of mankind right now. With „Finding Your Rhythm“ I would like to contribute my part by offering you a flexible price system instead of the usual 80.- for a private or 75.- for a group session.
See it as an invitation to be more active in the purchasing process by taking a moment to tune into yourself and then choosing a price between € 35.- and € 175.- that feels right to you.
You will know it is the right price if you feel you are investing enough into your own healing and honoring my work, energy and time, while not overstepping your own financial or emotional borders. The chosen price should make you feel content, neither narrow-hearted nor depleted.



Minimum price: 35,00


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