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Finding your Rhythm- Natural ways through a healthy cycle



This four part online workshop gives you an in depth introduction to the Aviva Method.
It includes a lot of background knowledge on anatomy, hormones, as well as useful tips on how to support your body every day.
Divided into digestible portions I’ll teach you all 18 exercises of the Aviva Method, so that by the end of block 4 you’ll be perfectly equipped to continue practicing by yourself.


Workshop Block 1: Introduction/ practical part: basic elements of the Aviva Method / theory part : how does the Aviva Method work?

Workshop Block 2: practical part – warm up / excercises 1-5 / theory part: digestion and elimination

Workshop Block 3: practical part- warm up / exercises 6-12 / theory part: hormones

Workshop Block 4: practical part- warm up/ exercises 13-18/ meditation / theory part – tips for every day